LETTER: Artistic assets like Temple Theatre deserve support

Jun. 08, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Kathy Guthrie of Siler City, but after reading her letter to the editor June 5 on the contribution of the arts to Lee County, I would like to shake her hand someday. Thank you, Kathy, for enumerating so well the effects of Temple Theatre’s programs on teenagers. I would like to mention that Thursday and Sunday matinees bring in buses filled with seniors from other communities, which is additional revenue for our downtown shops of various kinds.

Before I go into support for the Temple, I recall that when we first arrived in Lee County there was an accomplished chorus that suffered low support and as a result disbanded. Many of those chorus members now belong to community choruses elsewhere.

The artistic director of Temple immediately preceding Ms. Taphorn was a hardworking man who poured a considerable amount of his own money into improvements to the theatre and to the works he brought there. When he realized that his efforts were going to waste on a community that had no intention of providing him the support he needed to succeed, he cut his losses and ran like a deer.

Providentially, that ill wind blew in our current Artistic Director Peggy Taphorn, who is multi-talented, community-minded and generous, and is providing Lee County with professional theatre second to none around. To say it is purely “entertainment” is trivializing.

Commissioner Womack is entitled to his opinion. I pray the other commissioners are more aware of the implications of our county with a diminished Temple Theatre.

Evelyn C. Dooley