LETTER: Nonprofits' impact can't be measured

Jun. 14, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

As a member of Sanford Women's League (a community service organization) and the Circle of Faith at Jonesboro Presbyterian Church, I have seen firsthand the impact nonprofits such as CUOC, HAVEN and Communities in Schools have on this community.

Seeing women and children receive the only Christmas gift they will receive, having Thanksgiving dinner with them, giving someone the only groceries they will have for the week, knowing that a child will have food for the weekend from their special backpack — these are just a few of the things these organizations do.     

Without funding, these services will not be available to those in need. Church organizations and community service groups alone do not have the funds to fully support these missions.

Also, as a Temple Theatre usher and ambassador, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all that the Temple Theatre offers to this community. It definitely brings growth and vitality to this community. I have seen the many buses lined up for shows. I have talked to many of the people visiting our town from other places.   

Without the Temple Theatre, they would have no reason to bring their money to this town. I have directed many of the people to downtown shops and restaurants either before or after shows. The impact the theatre has on this community cannot be measured. It is vital to downtown.

The youth programs and professional shows it produces cannot be matched in any other small town. We are very fortunate to have Peggy Taphorn at the helm there. She could be in any other city, in any other state, but she chooses to be here in Sanford! Her hard work to keep the arts thriving in this community are like none other.   

And as a parent of a young, aspiring 10-year-old actress, we hope that the commissioners will reconsider their views regarding the funding of nonprofit organizations and realize that money given to these organizations doesn't "pay someone's salary." It supports these programs and the people who so willingly work for them to make sure people have exactly what they need to live, and for Lee County to continue to grow and thrive.

Becky Podlogar