LETTER: Fracking puts N.C. water sources at risk

Jun. 19, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

I was thankful to see you report last week that the House has voted to not allow wastewater injection from fracking in the coastal plain. But let’s not get too happy, since they could very well approve permits to do so in the future. While coastal residents may be safe from the toxic water for now, the water for North Carolinians is still at risk, since the House's version of SB 76 sets a date for permits to be issued before any regulations have been put in place.

In other areas in the United States, fracking has led to thousands of cases of suspected drinking water contamination, increased air pollution and possibly even earthquakes. Fracking in N.C. puts important waters at risk, like the Cape Fear River, the Deep River and Jordan Lake. Plus, agriculture is the state's biggest industry, and toxic water also harms livestock. 

We need to continue to protect the safety of our drinking water, safeguard our agricultural industry and keep the moratorium in place.

Hannah Anderson-Baranger