LETTER: Civic duty: Go and vote

May. 01, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

I have always heard that a drowning man will grab at a floating straw.

That saying came to mind when the Republicans got the report from a database out of Kansas that 750 voters in North Carolina may have also voted in neighboring states.

Some members of the legislature were jumping with joy because they thought they had found justification for their anti-voting laws passed once they gained power.

However, their joy was short lived when it was revealed that this conservative group had put out information to other states, which proved false after investigation.

Never mind that none of the new laws passed would have remedied anything in our state! ...

If you like our government, then you should support the incumbents. But if you are not happy, then the primary and general election will offer a chance to make a change in the Raleigh scene.

I know that I never will live to see it, but ads should tell voters why you should vote for them — not reasons why I shouldn’t vote for their opponent.

Early voting continues this week at a slow pace. But a voter can use five minutes to do their civic duty. Go and vote!

Robert O. Stone