LETTER: A way of life

Jul. 09, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

There is absolutely no need to frack in Lee County or perform offshore gas/oil drilling in North Carolina. Let someone else do the dirty work and take all the risks. Then all you environmental, wacky intellects can jump in the trough and enjoy the slop.

Also, my wife of 50 years is from the great state of West Virginia. Heating with coal and cooking with gas is their way of life and jobs for their people. Please keep your cards and letters coming to The Herald relating just how haphazard and detrimental it is for their people to frack and dig coal. Also, continue to make a mockery of West Virginia as it relates to an excuse for your personal agenda. If the nuclear plant at Moncure goes haywire, West Virginia might be a safe haven.

Mr. Obama squandered $500 million on a so-called all universe environmental safe plant in California that failed. That would feed a lot of kids whose dads are out of work because of hatred of coal. Not one letter did I read from liberals to The Herald in any form of opposition.

Thanks to The Sanford Herald for printing letters on varied pro-and-con issues.

Edward M. “Eddie” Hill