LETTER: Let’s show greatness of our country by showing respect

Jul. 09, 2014 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

I went to see the fireworks at the Ammons Farm and watched a wonderful fireworks display. I thank you (all those involved) for making my Fourth of July celebration complete. I even enjoyed the band/singers, even though this is not what I normally I listen to.

I am writing because I am alarmed with people who don’t show the proper respect for our flag and the National Anthem. This has happened at two recent events I attended. I went to the Lee Senior graduation ceremony and watched my great-grandson receive his diploma and was very proud of his accomplishments. During the singing of the National Anthem, many people around me didn’t stop talking (loudly) or place their hand over their heart in respect for the anthem as it was being sung, and [they] continued during the speech.

Before the fireworks, a similar thing happened. While the National Anthem was being so beautifully sung, many didn’t rise and hold their hands over their hearts either. I thought at least when we were celebrating our Independence Day, they would show the respect and honor that is to be given during the singing of our National Anthem. So I have to conclude some only came for the fireworks. I thank all of the people who did honor and respect the National Anthem at these two events.

As a veteran, I have tremendous pride for our country and do everything I know to honor my United States of America, our military and those who died for us and enable us to have these celebrations. It is because our military has fought and died for our freedoms that I can worship as I want, I can vent to the newspaper editor my feelings and I have a right to respect or not respect our country. Maybe being a veteran makes me more sensitive about my love of the United States of America. I have no apology for holding these freedoms dear to me and showing the proper respect.

Let’s show the world how great America really is … by saluting our flag and honoring our heritage. People will come to America because they want to be proud with us.

David J. Ryser