LETTER: Hypocrisy is loud and clear

Jun. 22, 2013 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

Our mayor is quoted in Thursday's Sanford Herald saying, "We are crippling the city's ability to serve." Ms. Olive, changes in my property taxes cripple my ability to feed!

The hypocrisy is loud and clear. The majority of the city council wouldn't even vote on a motion to cut their own pay and per diem! Yet, they are the first to tell you that if the taxpayers don't pay higher rates, nor accept a bond referendum to beautify our city, we should be ashamed. The city employees may starve. Their children won't get breakfast in the morning. Yada, yada, yada. Well, what about my family and hundreds of others trying to make ends meet?

The property tax increase this board just gave us, 51 cents to 54 cents per $100 value, isn't just going to stop with your personal property.

When businesses get hit with higher taxes, consumers pay. Grocery bills, utilities, school purchases, dentists/medical costs, etc., will all increase. And if you're lucky to eat out once in a while, well, that's going to be higher, too.

Businesses are in business to make money, not to provide government with allowance money. And citizens were not put on this earth to be slaves to their wishes.

For once, could we have common sense leadership from Ms. Olive and company?

They have a rainy-day fund they can tap into. They are not required by law to keep such a high balance in their coffers. They could sell the golf course to a private entity, saving $400,000-plus a year (modest estimate of the dollars they throw at it). They could cut their own pay to show "how much they care." Don't hold your breath, though.

I am not going to have a hissy fit if the streets are not repaved — but government will if I don't pay my taxes! They'll come seize my home and other property. Because government doesn't care. They will get what they want any way they can.

Thank God for Councilman Charles Taylor. Otherwise, you and I would not be aware of the shenanigans of this board. He's a lone voice for the taxpayers in a den of wolves.

The Sanford City Council will not be crippled to serve. They just won't have as much to waste.

Sheila Barber