LETTER: Get used to drilling with forced pooling

Sep. 05, 2013 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

Being force-pooled through fracking will allow you to experience the incessant low grind of the drills with a 900 HP Caterpillar engine, the clanking of roughnecks beating a pipe at 2 a.m., the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of industrial lights, the flow of tractor trailers delivering chemicals, hazardous fluids and water.

Setback for wells from homes have been approved in other states as little as 350 feet, 116 yards. How close do you want a drill to a school or a hospital — or a neighbor that includes air pollution, safety concerns and flare-ups.

How neighborly are you and the gas company going to be? The state abuse of eminent domain for industrial profit is coming to a neighborhood near you.

What happened to love thy neighbor?

Keely Wood

Lee County