LETTER: Policy change negatively affects students’ attitudes

May. 31, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

Today I am writing to you about the new mandatory exams for Lee County Schools. I am writing to fulfill a requirement for my communications merit badge. I feel that these forced exams cause anger in all students, especially seniors.

Through all their years in high school, they have been able to work at their attendance to be exempt from their exams — and now the exams are required for all classes. It has given students the attitude that they are able to miss up to eight days and still get credit for the class. This is because of taking away the exempt policy. Under the old system, if you only missed one day and you had a D, you could be exempt. If you missed two and had a C, or three and had a B, or four and had an A, you could be exempt from your exam. This gave students an incentive to come to class and try their best to make it to class.

Now students are apathetic toward their attendance. I personally hate the changes that have been made to the exam exemptions. I used to try and schedule my appointments around which classes [in which] I didn’t want to take the exam; now I schedule around which class I don’t want to attend. These changes have had a negative effect on the attitude of the students.

Michael Soule

Lee County