LETTER: A message for elected officials

Dec. 11, 2012 @ 05:00 AM

To the Editor:

Clearly Jim Womack and the other Republicans on the Board of Commissioners think the sky is falling. They wasted the citizens' time passing a recommendation that the state Republicans pass a voter I.D. law. Clearly this is an effort to keep some groups of citizens from voting.

Their own Republican National Lawyers Association (RNLA) has found that there is almost no voter fraud across the United States, no more than 110 cases between 2000-2010 and only two cases in North Carolina. Therefore, it's an effort to disenfranchise voters.

The Republicans campaigned on the premise of creating jobs across the county and state, then the last two years and at this meeting, nothing has been done toward that effort. I see that it was all a smokescreen to get elected and then try to destroy our public education system and prevent the lesser amount us from voting. Read for yourself the report of the meeting in The Sanford Herald, date Dec. 4, 2012.

There was nothing on the agenda about creating jobs, jobs and jobs, but there was one item about creating a dog park and diverting funds from public to private schools both here in the county and across the state. As you well know, the two major private schools here in Lee County are religious schools. How about separation of church and state as stated in our Constitution?

All elected officials, I have a message for you — serve the people of Lee County and not Art Pope, Koch brothers, the John Locke Foundation and others.

Mark Coggins