Both parties are to blame for problems

Apr. 11, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

To the Editor:

Let me first advise you that I am currently a registered Republican, and I participate within the Republican Party on multiple different levels. I have just recently stepped down as the Lee County Young Republicans vice chairman, and I am currently still a member of the Lee County Young Republicans.

I must admit that I have been somewhat conflicted on Rep. Stone's election bill. My first thoughts were that, in all honesty, the so-called "non-partisan" political offices are already partisan, and for anyone to say they are not is just ignorant of reality. My next thought was, what difference does it really make? I even thought that it might be good for some folks to be able to get a better picture of a candidate. However, after reading Mr. Jim Womack's comment on The Sanford Herald's article on its website, my thoughts changed quite a bit.

The two-party system is broken, and the argument that a party should be able to "vet" a candidate is a bunch of bull. Both parties have turned out many horrible politicians and policies through this so called "vetting" process that Mr. Womack speaks of. I see what the Republican Party says about the current GOP school board members when they do not go along with what the party wants. It is not pretty! I actually like our local GOP and share the vast majority of the Lee GOP's views. However every politician should be an individual and vote his or her own conscience regardless of what a party desires! Both parties have done much of nothing when it comes to holding onto the desires of our forefathers! Both parties are to blame for the horrible moral and fiscal condition our country is in!

After reading Mr. Womack's comment, I have come to oppose this bill. I believe it is just another way for the two parties to keep a stranglehold on the current political posture we have been sucked into.

Jeremy Cleary