New board pushing through radical agenda

Dec. 13, 2012 @ 05:00 AM

To the Editor:

Watching the new majority in the county commission barreling headlong to enact their idealogical agenda, one might be tempted to consider this the will of their constituents as a result of the election. But that is not the case. Riding the "tea party" wave in 2010, and hiding behind the term "conservative," three of the majority were elected in their respective districts. But after attacking the Economic Development Council, our excellent Lee County school system, the superintendent and the school board, and now going after the city of Sanford and town of Broadway, they have worn out their welcome.

In the recent election, the "tea party" candidate for state Senate lost in Lee County, the "conservative" candidate for the state House lost in Lee County, and the top two commissioner candidates were Democrats. Without a third candidate, Kirk Smith slipped into the last seat and created this "majority."

So now this radical group is desperately pursuing a policy of dismantling every working relationship with the municipalities, school system and EDC to take hundreds of thousands of dollars from those constituencies, to create a tax cut of about 3 cents per hundred for county residents.

Commissioner Womack recently wrote a letter to the editor in which he spoke of accountability. In the same letter, he disavowed responsibility for any tax increases in Sanford or Broadway. That is like someone saying that Hurricane Sandy is not responsible for the cost of rebuilding in its wake. I do not believe the average citizen wants a tax cut by taking it from his fellow citizens. I would ask every voter to attend a meeting of the commissioners to see what is going on!

Charles C. Baker Jr.

Lee County