LETTER: ‘You got trouble ... right here’

Sep. 26, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

Folks, if you haven’t seen “The Music Man” at the Temple Theatre, you are missing another fabulous, artistic presentation by Peggy Taphorn and her creative stage company. For wholesome, good family fun and the music many of us grew up with and others will long remember, this is a treat for the eyes, the ears and the heart!

Departing the theatre, I sang the lyrics and catchy tune of a favorite of mine, the opening piece “Rock Island,” which derides the infamous hustler and music man by the traveling salesmen on board the arriving train; it goes: the second salesman, “He’s just a bang-beat, bell-ringing, big-haul, great-go, neck-or-nothing, rip-roaring, every-time-a-bull’s-eye salesman.”

Then salesman Charlie says, “He’s a fake, and he doesn’t know the territory!” The second salesman chimes in, “He gathers, and he plucks and shines, and when the man dances, certinely [sic] boys, what else? The piper pays him!”

On another (musical) note, a favorite song, “You Got Trouble,” set me to thinking about Professor Harold Hill’s scheming and how Lee County is on Deep River and, with a little stretch, one could believe, “you got trouble, my friend, right here … right here in River (Sanford) City,” and it starts with “F” and it ends with “G” and it rhymes with “packing.”

With shale gas fracking about to be thrust upon our beautiful, bucolic farming landscape, home to many, I am saddened yet bemused by how one could make the case, if one were so inclined, that we may have “The Music Man” right here among us in River City in more ways than one!

And so I ask you, citizens of Lee County, who will pay our piper?

Richard Hayes