EDITORIAL: Lawrence, Spivey deserving of thanks

Jan. 31, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

There are many people who call Central Carolina home, and while they may sometimes bemoan this or that, these folks count their blessings for the many good aspects.

That includes many good people who have gone beyond the norm to help make Central Carolina a caring community.

Take for instance Dennis Wicker, Kirk Bradley and Dr. Carol Chappell, who were recently named as The Herald’s Citizens of the Year for their work in driving the successful Head of Class program that inspires achievement within our school system.

Then there are Oscar and Elderlene Keller, and Ed Paschal, who recently were named as recipients of The Herald’s Lifetime Achievement Award. They, too, have contributed so much to the success of our community over the years.

It is with great pleasure we note the Lee County Community Foundation is preparing to honor two other successful community leaders with its Woman and Man of the Year awards, which will be presented during an upcoming ceremony.

Just consider some of the accomplishments of Isabel Lawrence, the Woman of the Year recipient. She has taught Sunday school for more than a half-century, has been involved with the Brush and Palette Club for more than 40 years, works as an ambassador at the Temple Theatre, was instrumental in the building of the new Lee County Library and helped found Sanford’s t.l.c. home inc., which cares for severely disabled children.

David Spivey, the Man of the Year recipient, has been just as involved. He’s a former president of the United Way of Lee County and the Jonesboro Rotary Club, as well as former chairman of the board of directors for the Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce and the Red Cross’ Lee County chapter.

Yet, it’s their philosophies of life that is so inspirational to us all.

“The thing is to just go ahead and jump into the area that is appealing to you and that you would like to help out with,” Lawrence told The Herald. “You don't have to know anything ahead of time. If you're a willing, warm body that has the energy and the interest to do it, you just jump in and do it.”

Spivey talked about his father and scoutmaster, who had been inspirational to him.

“I think if you just try to live your life the right way, serve your community and your lord and be a good provider and role model for your family, the legacy will take care of itself,” he said.

Thank you, Isabel Lawrence and David Spivey, for your service. Our community is better for your efforts.