LETTER: We live in a crazy world

Feb. 01, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

I’d like to thank George Oriovsky and Walt Doelp for their letters (1/1/13). We shouldn’t raise taxes, but you can see that the government has gotten us into one hello a mess. The Senate recently voted yes to an executive order to give all government workers a raise. The House voted no.

Let’s suppose China just called and they want their money now and can’t wait until 3493 A.D. Instead of $1 a month, the poor could pay $2 a day. How can they pay if they don’t have any money? We could reduce their entitlement check. That would net $1.5 billion a month. The middle class will pay two times as much, or $3 billion. The rich will pay $8 daily, or $240 a month, a mere $80 million per month.

If we took 100 percent of their money, it would take 510 years to pay off the deficit. If you don’t think the rich are paying their fair share, think again. Every time we raise their taxes, we must raise taxes on the poor or middle class. ...

We could now make a minimum payment of $4.58 billion per month, and that’s not even counting the other taxes the government collects and wastes. So, how many years will it take to pay off the deficit at this rate? Don’t forget interest fees and late payment fees. What is China’s interest rate? We could all stop paying taxes until Congress balances their budget. They can’t put everyone in jail. Washington would shrivel up. They would have to stop giving our money to every country in the world. ... Besides, why don’t they give the unemployment checks to businesses to create more jobs. If someone wants their check, they must go to work for it, like the rest of us. ...

Every man, woman and child in the U.S. owes $30,000. The bottom half can’t pay that amount, so the rest of us owe $60,000 each. Maybe we should all cut out tattoos, manicures, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets and guns from our personal budgets. Oops, we better keep the guns to fight off the Chinese when they come to take over our country. Or people could move to Switzerland or Mexico to escape our high taxes. We live in a crazy world.

Arlene Jackson