LETTER: What about the party of little government?

Jul. 09, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

It seems to have become open season on Sanford City Council by letter writers, most of whom live outside the city limits. ...

But it became laughable when Lee County Commissioner James Womack, who doubles as chairman of the committee that is in process of setting the rules for “fracking,” in an off the cuff remark, said the city should sell the golf course. ...

This is just my opinion, but I would think that Womack has enough on his plate without trying to stick his nose into every elected board in the county.

Pat Cronmiller’s letter was praising the transparency of of our N.C. House Rep. Mike Stone, who introduced the bill making the races for school board and the city council partisan elections instead of non-partisan.

The protocol used to be that before any local bill was introduced in the House, it was discussed between the representative and the boards involved. In this case, Stone refused to tell the local paper who requested this bill. He simply said people. Womack has said he suggested it.

If the N.C. Republicans have so much transparency, then why did Republican Gov. [Pat] McCrory condemn the action of sneaking in the bill on abortion limitation that was introduced at about 5 p.m. and voted on with little time for debate?

The N.C. Republicans have declared war on the poor, the workers with and without jobs, teachers and higher education in general, and now you can add women to the list.

Their only constituency seems to be the people that make $100,000 or more and corporations that will pay no income tax after 2018 if their tax plan is approved. Every individual would be taxed at 5 and three-fourths percent.

I still trying to figure out how they claim to be the party of little government. Since they have taken control in Raleigh, the citizens have taken a beating on property rights, education, taxes and next on women’s rights. Everyone will lose something before the sensible N.C. voters get this crowd out of Raleigh.

Robert O. Stone