LETTER: A ‘common sense evaluation’ on taxes

Jul. 09, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

I appreciate Mr. Robert Stone’s response to my comment. His efforts to humble this newbie on political dialogue is refreshing. I do not challenge the comment on the philosophy of tax redistribution, and I would pray that the county commissioners properly allocate the majority of this money to the recognized needs of our school system. (Because the 3 cents they reduced does not come close to covering the revaluation of my tornado area.)

My comment is what I consider “common sense evaluation.” When a city official states that the 51 cents is “revenue neutral” with an almost 8 percent property revaluation; that to a common person would mean: revenue equals budget. In the current case, the city was positioned to determine what a true budget should be. They thoughtfully did and found that the revenue was adequate to meet it.

Unless the city leaders misled, then again my question: Why the 3-cent tax increase? To me, the 3 cents is just to be status quo to the previous taxes, which doesn’t force elected leaders, who have a rainy–day fund, to make fiduciary responsible decisions. And, since the county commissioners reduced the county tax by 3 cents, why not slyly say we need to raise the city taxes 3 cents (implying we actually need to raise it 7 cents — which will probably be in next year’s efforts because the city roads will be full of pot holes).

Lastly, I’m thankful to live in a country with a First Amendment. To give Mr. Stone some wood to light, be it known that I am an independent and I live in the county because I don’t want to pay taxes unnecessarily. I do like living near this good city of Sanford. God bless America.

Jim Payne