Have gun laws really worked?

Dec. 19, 2012 @ 05:00 AM

To the Editor:

I know that I'm supposed to ask for his God's forgiveness for that young man who killed those children, but I can't help wanting for him to find a special place in hell every time I think of those kids. I also hate that people are going to try to use this as a reason to ask for gun control — because they already have.

Remember, that I did not bring this up first; network news and the president have brought up the fact that they want to use this as a reason for tighter gun laws. Unfortunately, the same people who will ask for new laws are the ones who don't want to enforce the ones that we already have on the books. Why make new ones when the old ones aren't enforced? These same people use pretzel logic and say that by asking for someone to be asked for identification to vote that we are being racist and singling out people. I don't understand how either argument can be used with a straight face.

Think about the fact that the state that this heinous crime happened in had some of the toughest gun laws in the United States before you start asking for new laws. Think about the fact that the few states that have outright handgun bans also have the highest murder rates by guns. Have these gun laws worked? That would be answered by a loud and thundering “NO.”

I wish that instead of new gun laws that we would have had a police officer stationed at that school controlling his gun. Yes, I am for gun control. A slow, controlled deep breath just before you squeeze the trigger is very important for control. Even though the officers were on the scene in just a few minutes, this [person] still killed 27 innocent people without remorse or reason.

Those policemen should be commended for their quick response and thorough investigation in the face of such a horrendous crime. I hope that if something along the same lines happens here in Sanford that one of our finest shots is on duty at the school, business or place of worship, and God guides his hand with a calm and sure sense of duty. That is what training is for after all.

Sean Boswell