LETTER: Let's 'reboot' our federal government

Jan. 01, 2013 @ 05:01 AM

To the Editor:

First, we must refocus the goal of our federal government to wit: they should protect the citizens of these United States as set forth in our Constitution. Second, we must remove the entire Congress and start anew. The goal would be to purge the system of corruption and the ramped bribery for favors to organized interest groups.

Finding solutions would be a tall order for mere citizens. A first step would be to privatize all of the businesses that the government now engages in: postal service, railroads and home mortgages to name a few. Every one of these efforts results in major financial losses for which we must pay. I find it the height of hypocrisy for Congress to tell private businesses how they should operate to avoid failure. And I cringe when they tell emerging democracies how to establish a government for free people.

Throw the bums out might be our theme song. We can not count on voting them out, for they have achieved the lifelong goal in their positions — salary, perks, prestige, personal health care, a retirement plan unparalleled in private industry and free travel worldwide in search of information useful to their work. The list may continue, but I believe you get the point. Such work benefits are coveted by the occupants of these seats. They will do anything to ensure that their position is a lifetime affair.

To remain in power, they must keep the voters happy. They have an almost guaranteed plan for success. Nearly half of the citizens pay no federal income tax. To keep them happy, we pay them more then minimum salary not to work for more than two years. We provide cell phones with prepaid monthly time. For food and other pleasures, a free charge card is provided. Now they have created free health care, having defined it a "right." These poor citizens will be transported to the polls every year to ensure they cast a vote for their representative.

Term limits might work. One other idea not original to me: each citizen is given one free vote. Then, based on how much federal income tax is paid, each vote is adjusted. This would then make each citizen's vote reflect "how much skin they have in the game."

Could this be what we could do for our country?

Walt Doelp

Lee County