LETTER: Grandparents are a treasure

Dec. 04, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

In September of this year, the Lord called my grandpa John Payne, “Pop,” home. I have often thought about many of the things he would say and do and how lucky I was to have him as a grandpa. But, overall, how important it is for any kid to have grandparents in their lives.

When you see all the violence, ugliness and hate in the world today, I think a lot of that wouldn’t be happening if we spent a little more time with our grandparents. Grandparents are unique because they have lived through so much that the advice they give always ends up being right.

I think about how my Papa Payne talked to me about how to treat others,  how Granny Payne always made a home for all of her children and grandchildren without showing any difference, how Papa Nichols would be there to listen so patiently, or how Grandma Nichols is opinionated (but ends up being right). All four of these wonderful people benefited my life in more ways than one, and I firmly believe that grandparents are a treasure because once they are gone, there won’t be any more like them.

Spend some time with your grandparents. You never know what they can say or do that might just be what you need.

J. Scott Payne

Southern Pines