LETTER: Intent is more deadly than any weapon

Jan. 19, 2013 @ 05:01 AM

To the Editor:

In reading all of the reports, editorials and opinions about the need for gun control, I find there is much more obfuscation of facts and terms to support controlling a right of our U.S. citizens.

The Bill of Rights was not written to grant rights to the citizenry, but to restrict the government's ability to infringe on rights that the citizenry already had. Freedom of speech and religion are not granted by the government. If that were the case, then they could merely change the law. These rights, including the right to bear arms, existed prior to the government and cannot be abridged. Once that is clearly understood, is it any wonder that even those who do not own guns want to protect this right? Only those who see it the other way think that onerous controls are acceptable.

The heart of any firearm is the action; that is the part that of the gun that loads, fires and ejects the round that is used. There are many kinds: bolt, lever, pump-action, break and semi-automatic. Even single-shot muzzle loaders have an action. Fully automatics are not available readily and are, typically, used only by military-type organizations. Regardless of how the firearm is designed/decorated, this is the heart.

Many of these firearms have magazines so that they can hold additional rounds. Regardless of the magazine, only one shot is fired each time the trigger is pulled. The rest of the firearm cannot change this basic function.

Manufacturers can add fancy stocks, sights, muzzles and colors to make a gun look innocent or terrifyingly menacing. That does not change the action and the ability of the firearm to fire more than one shot each time the trigger is pulled. My daughter loves the pink .22’s, but this will kill some someone as dead as with an AR15.

An “assault” weapon has the same action and fires the same rounds as hunting rifles that are deemed acceptable by the people wanting to control gun ownership. Banning something based on how it looks is ridiculous and does nothing to address the true underlying issues.

There is not a firearm made that loads, aims and fires itself. The intent that someone harbors when they use a gun against another is within them, regardless of the weapon. Remember, Lizzie Borden used an ax.

Mike Neal

Lee County