LETTER: Media should bring more attention to Tramway project

Jan. 08, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

To the Editor:

There needs to be more follow up on the Tramway intersection project. People need to be made more aware about what is going on. I have seen two small articles about it, but nothing else. This project is not good for the children who are being transported to the area's five schools. It will also be a nuisance for people commuting to and from Center Church Road and the shopping center that is already there.

The rumor is that the first plan of closing off the highway to make it "Super Highway" will only be temporary until a proposed overpass is put in.

We are willing to take the sacrifice of taking the intersection out to put in a overpass the first time, but not twice. The local media needs to put more attention on this subject so more citizens will get more proactive and put pressure on out political leaders to make sure the right thing is done, not what is going to profit the developer.

I hope that you will read this email and consider doing some more investigation on this subject to make sure the citizens of Tramway and rural Lee County aren't left out.

Jonathan Gonia

Lee County