LETTER: Shopping in Sanford has become easier

Mar. 06, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

Do you live south of Sanford? If so, please read this brief article.

Set a destination into your GPS device and it will ask: Do you want the shortest distance or shortest time?

With very few exceptions, the shortest time is the best choice. Drive to town with five stops along the way, you may as well plan to have lunch in town. The good news is that now there is a major new opportunity to save time going to anywhere in town. In addition, the probability of being involved in a traffic accident is greatly reduced. How, so you say? There are no stop signs or traffic lights between the light at the Trace entrance and Spring Lane.

From the traffic light at the entrance to Carolina Trace, you can be in the parking lot of Walmart in about six minutes, or you can be in the parking lot of Lowes Foods on the north side of Sanford in about 11 minutes. Going to St. Luke Church? Be there in about 12 minutes.

There are a lot of comments one can make about the new bypass design. However, in terms of driving into Sanford, it is a huge benefit. For Tracers, a trip to anywhere in town is now an event you will enjoy. Save time, be safe and use the new bypass.

Walt Doelp

Lee County