LETTER: Disgraceful rally warrants apologies

Mar. 06, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To The Editor:

Inexplicable evil visited Lee County [Feb. 23] in the form of some extreme elements of the Republican Party. Having an event at the Republican Party headquarters on Feb. 23, which referred to the weapon and bullets (.223) that killed 20 innocent children and staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., was unspeakable.

[Leaders in attendance], among others at the event, should pray to God that he has a merciful heart. The message espoused by this element of the Republican Party is not about the Second Amendment, gun rights or freedom to own guns, but about money, power and influence.

I would hope when these officials look in the mirror, they will do some soul searching and about face. It is my hope that they would be moved to write letters of apology to the families of the children and staff killed in this massacre, and further that these apologies would be published in the Newtown newspaper.

The current leaders in the Republican Party wrap themselves in the U.S. flag, the Bible and nice-sounding phrases, and behind the U.S. Constitution. But when you pull back the covers, they are not patriots, but hypocrites who speak with slick tongues.

This event speaks more about what the Republican Party has become, which is extreme and exclusionary. As you look to the polls in the fall, I would encourage you to think about what this Republican leadership is doing to this wonderful county, state and country.

I would encourage The Sanford Herald to rethink what it puts on the front page of the paper. For me, this was a “What were you thinking” moment. Finally, I hope other papers and television stations across the nation do not pick up on this article, because as most of us know, the majority of folks living in Sanford are not like those who attended this event.

Mark Coggins