LETTER: God knows your motives

Mar. 07, 2013 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

Mr. [Mark} Coggins [Letter to Editor, March 6] says a “rally” supporting the Second Amendment and my right to bear arms was disgusting. It was a show of evil, as if we asked Satan to give a speech! And [he wrote] that I should pray to God that he is merciful. I believe he should think again about the vile and disgusting comments he is making.

Does he pray for mercy for supporting a party that deliberately murders unborn babies?

Does he pray for mercy for supporting a party that denied God three times on national TV, or for belonging to a party that has “hate and class warfare” as its motto? I doubt it.

Bow your own head, Mark, before lecturing me.

I will state loud and clear that I am not apologizing for attending. I will not apologize for believing in the Constitution. I will not apologize at all because my right to bear arms had absolutely nothing to do with an evil-minded individual who used a gun to kill innocent children.

But let me ask: Is the Newtown killing any more disgusting than a president and state department that refused help to an American ambassador in Benghazi while he’s being murdered and begging for help? No it’s not! And then the cowards in Washington claimed it was a video! Murder is murder.

I want protection against thugs and an evil empire expanding in D.C. It is my obligation, my duty and my right as an American to defend my property, my family and even Mark’s if there were eminent danger! Yes, you saw that right. I would defend his life within the boundaries of the law. That’s the part these gun-bashing liberals can’t fathom. When being assaulted or seeing someone else being hurt, most of us won’t stop and ask, “Are you a Republican or a Democrat”? I wonder, however, if that’s what Mr. Coggins would do.

To claim I’m evil because I support my right to have a gun shows not only Mr. Coggins’ ignorance, but inability to tell the truth. Before he demands anything from anyone else he disagrees with, I hope he remembers this phrase:

People see your actions, but God knows your motives.

He should have come to the meeting. He would have learned something … like the truth.

Sheila Barber