LETTER: GOP — time to admit Obamacare is positive

Apr. 03, 2014 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

(This letter relates to) the question in The Sanford Herald, “Have you signed up for Obamacare (The Affordable Health Care Act), or plan to prior to the deadline? What is your opinion of the law?” One senior said that his health care insurance quadrupled. Well, ... as a senior, he only has to purchase supplemental insurance (Medigap), since he already has Medicare. I’m a senior, and I have this type of insurance, and mine went up but only 9.4 percent, which is provided by United Healthcare (AARP). So, sir, if you want their phone number, you can call the senior center and they will help you.

It’s important that everyone have health care in the United States. As a Republican president once said, “No nation can be strong if their citizens are sick and poor.” — 1901, President Theodore Roosevelt.

The lying seems to be going up hill and down hill for the Republicans ... about health care and other things. ... I hope that as you read this, you will remember the Republican candidates for president lying about death panels for seniors once the Affordable Care Act was in force. It is not going to happen. Overall, the cost of drugs and medical care for seniors has gone down. ...

Now, six million and counting think it’s a good thing for them to have health care, with the Affordable Health Care Act. So, Republicans, it’s time for you to stop complaining about others having health care, as you already have, and get on the bandwagon. Just admit that Obamacare is a great thing for this nation and its citizens.

Mark Coggins