LETTER: What about selling the golf course?

Aug. 17, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

I have been thinking after all the hype about the bond referendums, and maybe there is a solution. What if the municipal golf course was sold to pay for the pet projects of city council?

I am sure that privatizing the golf course would bring someone in that would be interested in actually turning a profit. This way, everyone comes out happy. The municipal golf course is an expense to taxpayers, that’s no secret. Asheville had to come across this same decision a few years back and even they did the right thing and sold out. I think Councilman Charles Taylor has the right idea all along. Why should city taxpayers that don’t even play golf be forced to pay for those who do?

We live in the middle of golf mecca. There are hundreds of great courses within an hour drive in any direction away from us. There is an abundance of competition between these golf courses in every category from the rates to the lays of the course. Is the City of Sanford in the golf business or in the business of running a city?

It’s a sinkhole that we throw hard earned tax money in every year with no return. It’s time for that to stop and the logical idea would be to take the money from the sell to pay for their pet projects. No money is borrowed that the taxpayers are responsible for paying back and everyone wins. All it takes is a little compromise.

Jonathan Gonia