LETTER: Bonds will not help citizens

Aug. 22, 2013 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

Has anyone done a study to see if adding the first part of the greenway has had an impact on home values, or an impact on new residents moving in?

Since the greenway was built, my home value has not increased at all. In fact, I continue to lose value, and homes in Sanford stay on the market for almost a year. Many of the homes that have “sold” in Sanford have really been foreclosed on or been sold as a fire sale to avoid foreclosure.

How will raising my taxes 5 cents per $100 help with this problem? Greenways do not increase home values. Sidewalks do not increase home values. Streetscapes do not increase home values. And parks are part of our Lee County government, which I already pay taxes to maintain. I shouldn’t have to pay twice.

I am voting no on these bonds because they are really just a 5-cent tax hike that will not help me or the citizens of Sanford.

Susan Burden