Gun smuggling story alarming

Aug. 23, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

To the Editor:

I was alarmed to read the story on The Herald website about the residents of southern states who allegedly smuggled guns out of certain areas, where accessibility to firearms is more open, into jurisdictions where firearms are more difficult to acquire. I was even more alarmed to read that one of the alleged gun runners is a resident of Sanford.

I wonder if The Herald is seeking a response from local Second Amendment activists. I wonder if Lee County Commissioner Kirk Smith (former NRA field representative) has an opinion he would care to share with his constituents. I wonder if he considers the smuggling of firearms from North Carolina, for example, to Detroit or Washington, D.C., to count among the gun crimes for which the NRA and other groups support longer mandatory jail sentences. ...

I wonder these things aloud because I believe there are some Second Amendment activists who may consider this kind of gun-running to be patriotic. For my part, I applaud the Sanford Police Department for its part in what appears to be the kind of inter-agency cooperation which should be the U.S. standard. I would hope that local government officials would echo and amplify such praise. I just wonder which ones, if any, will do that. And, if they do not, I will wonder why.

Jay Calendine