Interest high in primary election

Aug. 24, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

To the Editor:

It appears that making the municipal elections partisan has resulted in much more interest. I have lived in Sanford since the 1970s, and I have never seen as many political signs along the streets in a municipal election. There are more signs this year than last year during the presidential election. I do not remember a time when 10 people were running for a seat in the Sanford city government.

I believe that people are basically honest and would not intentionally lie. Therefore, I will only say that many people are allowing themselves to be misled, or that there are too many low-information voters when it comes to the bond referendum. Those who think a 9.7 percent tax increase is insignificant and should be approved while we are under these economic conditions fall into one of these two categories.

Four years ago, only 5,155 ballots were cast in the city election. This number is likely to be far exceeded this year.    

Those who are informed about this year's election are grateful that Rep. Mike Stone led the effort in the North Carolina General Assembly to enfranchise Sanford voters. Now, given clear choices about candidates and the bond referendum, I have faith in Sanford voters to make the right decisions.

Charles Staley    
Chairman, Lee County Republican Party