LETTER: Is this really who we are?

Aug. 27, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

It was shocking to read The Herald’s article concerning Dan Forest’s recent visit to Sanford. Our radical Tea Party Republicans now propose “0 percent personal income tax and 0 percent corporate income tax.” Mike Stone recognized “there’s a tremendous amount of people in need,” but concluded that churches, not the government, need to be the first place people look for help.

Does this sound familiar? Think of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. These Islamic radicals tried to run a country by making religious institutions and leaders responsible for the citizens’ welfare. The end result was no running water, no sewer service, no police on the streets, no fire protection, persecution of religious minorities and no jobs — all ending in a military takeover with dead bodies in the streets.

We should ask ourselves if the radical Tea Party agenda being imposed on us will lead us down the same road that radicals took Egypt. Are our children better off in classrooms with more students, and with fewer and lower-paid educators? Are laid off and underpaid educators better off? Do you see new jobs being created in Lee County? Do we believe those jobs are just around the corner? Are our unemployed better off with lower unemployment benefits? Are our children better off when they start and end the day hungry because of reduced school meal programs?

The proof is in the pudding. At the same time the Tea Party announced its “zero tax plan,” we learned that HAVEN closed. In the past, mainstream elected officials would have found the resources to care for our victims of domestic violence and kept HAVEN open. With our current leaders, these victims are left to fend for themselves. Is this really who we are?

Jon Silverman