LETTER: City council has not earned confidence

Aug. 27, 2013 @ 05:01 AM

To the Editor:

I saw in the city newsletter that they are looking for information about companies willing to take over our golf course management. As part of that, the city published the revenues generated from the golf course. I was unaware that the golf course did not sustain itself.

This year, the city will put $183,415 into the golf course budget. How long has this been going on? If we are going to have a golf course run by the city, it should be self-sustaining at the very least. In reality, it should be a revenue maker. What is the city doing wrong?

And this brings me to the point of the $2 million parks bond. If the city can’t run the golf course at a profit, who is to say that they can run a splash pad? It seems to me that we have all the proof we need that the city doesn’t know how to handle issues such as these, and until they do, we should not be handing them money to create a bigger mess.

I’m voting no to all four bonds because I don’t have any trust in the council’s ability to use the money wisely.

Nora Linford