LETTER: Sometimes, we must say 'No'

Aug. 28, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

As responsible adults, we must sometimes say “No” to many of the extra things our children want. We also know that sometimes, we must cut back on spending. 

Lee County's unemployment rate is over 10 percent, substantially greater than our state's dismal average of 8.9 percent. Lee County and North Carolina need jobs.

Thanks to the Republicans on the Lee County Board of Commissioners, county taxes have been lowered. This sent a signal to businesses that Lee County recognizes that we must have a business-friendly atmosphere in order to keep the businesses we have and attract new entrepreneurs.   

Contrast the county government's attitude toward businesses to that of the Sanford City Council. The city voted to raise taxes 5.5 percent and placed a $14.5 million bond issue on the September ballot that will raise the debt that taxpayers will owe.

The Republican commissioners have it right, and the Sanford City Council Democrats have it wrong. Lower taxes will release the power of the American spirit, and then watch how Sanford and Lee County can grow, prosper, and yes, afford all the extra things we want now but can't afford.   

Until citizens recognize that our local, state and federal governments are not here to spend money but to maintain an environment in which private businesses can prosper, we will find ourselves in an ever-deeper spiral of higher unemployment and buried in debt.

Citizens should vote for those who can say “No” to well-intended programs that do not help create jobs and bring prosperity to our communities.   

When will the Democrats learn this?

Joyce Brainard