LETTER: Op-ed cartoon was offensive

Aug. 28, 2013 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

Ah, patriotism — is it dead?

When America finally won its independence from the “yoke” of British rule in its Revolutionary War, the definition of “traitor” was well placed with the infamous act of an officer in the Continental Army. Right, we all know him well as Benedict Arnold, who, for the promise of a high-ranking commission in the British Army and 10,000 pounds sterling, was going to hand over West Point with its ample military stores to England. His treachery was discovered and the plot foiled, but he escaped the clutches of American justice.

Looking at U.S. soldier Bradley Manning, the Wiki Leaker, and more recently Edward Snowden, with his purloined NSA secrets, were they simply “whistle blowers” or traitors? In my opinion, as well as many others, they have compromised the safety of America in a world increasingly violent and dark.

These recent cartoons published in The Herald in the editorial section showing a whistle with someone inside behind bars and the three-panel cartoon of Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and the NSA is an affront to me in a dangerous path toward self-destruction. Sadly, the world's moral compass has spun out of control, leading to groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda, to just name just some. In years past during WWII or the Korean War, America executed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for giving the atomic bomb secrets to Russia and shot naturalized American citizens who spied for the Axis powers. ...

We as a nation are walking down a precipitous path of huge national debt, high unemployment, high numbers of citizens on the public dole and a Congress that seems complacent in letting America spiral down to the level of a Third World country. Their solution — borrow more money from China! But, frankly, these editorial cartoons offended me to the point that the pages were torn out of the paper and met the flame of a lit match! Gone!

George J. Wilberg