LETTER: Affordability and taxpayer money

Apr. 03, 2013 @ 05:01 AM

To the Editor:

It is obvious that Bill Tatum is still connected to the school board and feels the sting when that body is questioned. This is in reply to his March 23 letter to the editor, in which he responded to my previous letter about actions of the Lee County Board of Education at the March 12 meeting.

Mr. Tatum has shown that he not only doesn't receive or ignores memos, but apparently, he doesn't read newspapers or watch television news.

In my letter, I merely pointed out what Mr. Tatum and the school system hierarchy should have already known. Although they may want to spend more taxpayer money for new schools and technology, the county's commissioners and manager have already made it clear that Lee County cannot take on more debt and that the goal is to reduce the burden on taxpayers.

During his time on the school board, county taxpayers know that Mr. Tatum promoted every tax increase that came along. Affordability doesn't seem to be a term familiar to Mr. Tatum when it comes to spending taxpayer money. A million here, a million there — it is only taxpayer money.

Mr. Tatum didn't explain why it was necessary to replace the laptops purchased only a short time ago for elementary school students. Have they worn out, been destroyed or what? If Gov. McCrory is budgeting for school technology funding by the state, as Mr. Tatum said, why is the local school board spending an additional $1.7 million?

Mr. Tatum said that it was false that Superintendent Jeff Moss and the school board had no problem with a Tramway Elementary class sending political letters to Rep. Mike Stone. Mr. Tatum should have addressed that to news organizations, including print media and television stations that covered the incident. According to a television account, Moss said, "If you're not interested in receiving letters from people in your district, don't run for public office.” The report added that, “He said he doesn't see a problem with a writing exercise that has students supporting public education.” Mr. Tatum should tell the news media that their reporting was “blatantly false.”

Jonathan Fallin

Lee County