LETTER: How many really ‘clamored’ for bill?

Apr. 06, 2013 @ 04:55 AM

To the Editor:

Mike Stone’s sponsoring of a bill making Sanford City Council and Lee County School Board elections partisan demonstrates that while our Republican-controlled state legislature does not want the federal government to interfere with or dictate how the state of North Carolina functions or what it does, it is perfectly acceptable for the state legislature to interfere with and dictate to how the City of Sanford and Lee County function.

Stone states in his usual written response (he continues to decline to comment otherwise) “that many citizens in Sanford and Lee County have clamored for this change since he took office in 2010.” Stone further states that he has proposed this bill after “doing prudent research on the bill after being contacted by many citizens of Sanford and Lee County.” He goes on to state that by knowing a candidate’s party affiliation, people will know how to vote as though the issues are of no importance. I would have to classify that as pretty shortsighted.

What I would like to know is how many people actually “clamored” for the change, and how much research, prudent or otherwise, did Stone do. Not contacting the affected elected officials shows a lack of consideration — as well as poor judgment. And it seems by the response of the Lee County Republican Party chairman that they were not contacted or consulted either.

What has surfaced is information that Stone put forth this bill after consulting with a few of the Republican Lee County Commissioners.

With this information, I can only assume the bill was proposed by these same commissioners with whom Stone conferred. Stone’s unwillingness to grant interviews, discuss issues with those who disagree with him and his responding in writing only to submitted, written questions demonstrates that he is not representing the majority of the people he was elected to represent.

By all appearances, Mike Stone is pursuing his own agenda, or the agenda of someone else to whom he is answering.

There are more important issues that the state legislature should be handling and solving than bills of this nature, but by all appearances the Republican-dominated state legislature seems bent on continuing to sponsor bills for which there is no problem.

Joe Wild