LETTER: Speak for the ones who have no voice

Apr. 06, 2013 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

Why do some politicians insist on treating the symptom instead of the disease?

Nobody has come out and said that the recent mass murderers from Columbine up until Sandy Hook weren’t mentally ill. Why then, haven’t any of our lawmakers come up with a new mental illness funding bill?

Time after time, they ignore facts regarding the almost impossibility of implementing these laws from their own law enforcement officials. No matter how many laws you pass trying to control guns, criminals aren’t going to obey them. They’re criminals!

A late-night show host got out on the street and asked some crazy questions, proving that most of the electorate is totally unaware of reality as we know it. They asked what people thought about Obama pardoning the sequester and sending it to Guatemala.

Really? These people had no clue.

If they are who we depend on to elect our officials, America is doomed to become a third-world nation. I wonder what would happen if we asked the same people what current gun laws are? If they thought the sequester was really going to Guatemala, God knows what they would believe about the Second Amendment.

I am not saying that all mentally ill people are potential mass murderers, but individuals slipping through the cracks is becoming a common affair. While gun laws have been proven to cause problems only for legal gun owners, mental health has an excellent record of helping people with their problems.

We have seen where gun bans actually increase crime (Detroit, D.C.), but there has been no instance of good mental health care doing so. We need comprehensive mental health laws much more than we need comprehensive immigration reform.

Instead of Sen. Feinstein railing against the “evil weapon,” it would be refreshing to hear some compassion and an attempt made to spend several hundred million dollars on the state of mental health. I say that instead of funding Robosquirrel or horsefly sex studies, we should invest, yes invest, some of our well-earned tax money on our mentally ill.

Vice President Biden wants to give the radical, semi-government Muslim Brotherhood $590 million, but I haven’t heard even a whisper from him about taking care of Americans besides keeping the poor poor with “entitlement” spending.

Someone, please speak for the ones who have no voice.

Sean Boswell