LETTER: Proof is in the pudding

Apr. 09, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

To the Editor:

The one main theme of the Republican Party is: "We want smaller government.” However, what they do once they gain a majority is the exact opposite.

Gov. McCrory's first budget cuts out four historic sites, and the "House In The Horseshoe,” the only one in our area, is one of the four to be closed.

Why? The only possible reason is Mike Stone's weak leadership. He allowed Lee County to be split into two so he could win his re-election.

Stone and his cohorts are about the business of substituting "fracking" instead, hoping visitors won't mind the switch.

It seems Stone’s agenda is being dictated by the four Republicans on the Lee County [Board of] Commissioners.

His introduction of a bill to make the city council and the board of education races partisan caught everyone off guard, since he didn't consult with either organization.

The local bill was introduced and passed out of committee before most citizens were aware of its existence.

Education has come under attack from every avenue since they took control.

But they have probably overstepped their authority when they propose to put teachers with no degree or certification into charter schools.

Just to stay busy, the Republicans-dominated government is doing everything it can to stay in power — delving into city and county jurisdictions and cutting the potential voters by making it harder for voters to choose their representatives.

They want to choose their voters instead of the voters choosing their representatives. It is a great reversal.

The proof of the pudding is in the taste. I can't imagine this pudding tasting very good for any reasonable citizen of the Ole North State.

Robert O. Stone