LETTER: HB 490: 'Truth in campaigning'

Apr. 10, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

It should surprise no one that some Lee County Democrats went berserk about the House Bill 490 filed by Rep. Mike Stone.

The bill merely clarifies the fact for Lee County voters that Sanford City Council and school board elections are partisan races. The cold truth is that races for these offices have always been between Democrats and Republicans. Both political parties know that, but only Republicans admit it.

After the bill was filed, Mayor Cornelia Olive, Mayor Pro Tem Sam Gaskins and school board member Tamara Brogan tramped up to the legislative building to express their opposition to process that is already in place.

Instead of being called the Lee County Elections Bill, a more appropriate title for HB 490 would be “Truth in Campaigning.”

The “great pretenders” don’t want to be identified as Democrats or liberals when they are running for office. Instead, they portray themselves as the most conservative candidate in each race. Yet, when in office, they join the tax-and-spend crowd that the public knows so well. All three of those named above have had an insatiable desire to spend more and overtax their constituents.

For years, the city of Sanford has maintained a fund balance far above that required by law, yet the tax rates upon individuals and businesses have remained high. These rates could have been reduced years ago. Instead, the city continues to operate a money-losing golf course, which competes with local businesses. In addition, county residents who purchase water from the city have been gouged for years.

Rep. Stone has been elected twice by voters in Lee and Harnett counties. He is accountable to them and not the hierarchy of a city government or school board. I am not aware of either of these two boards consulting with him before voting on measures that had a negative impact upon his constituents.

Pat Cronmiller