Thumbs up

Oct. 13, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

THUMBS UP: Pink Paradise

Breast cancer is a terrible disease. What wonderful news it would be if one day we were to learn that the disease was gone forever.

The good news is that there are many breast cancer survivors who share this common bond. This week, the Central Carolina Hospital Auxiliary held its second annual “Pamper Yourself Night Out” for 30-plus breast cancer survivors. This event, which had a “pink paradise” theme, provided a night of fellowship and special activities.

Survivors were treated to back massages, makeup sessions, nail polishing, hand treatments and other services, as well as door prizes and a long-stem pink carnation.

CCH Auxiliary President June Gunter aptly said, “We want you to know that when you have a down day and you feel a sudden burst of strength and smile, you are receiving compassion from us and other individuals who are thinking of you and supporting you.”

She also noted, “You are a family, sisters.”

The idea of an evening of pampering for these breast cancer survivors is a tremendous gesture. We wish all the best for these survivors — and we salute the CCH Auxiliary for its efforts in providing “Pamper Yourself Night Out.”

THUMBS UP: Deep River principals

Congratulations to Deep River Elementary School Principal Amy Lundy and Assistant Principal Jennifer Rosser, who have been named Lee County Schools Principal of the Year and Assistant Principal of the Year, respectively.

“Amy is always willing to do whatever it takes to help students and staff be successful, and she’s always willing to share those successful ideas with principals throughout the district,” Supt. Andy Bryan said in a written statement. “... [And] Jennifer is passionate about her role and works hard every day to make sure the school runs smoothly. She always has the needs of the students and staff foremost in her decisions.”

Principals have a difficult task — and to be chosen for such honors is a telling testament to these two women. Lee County is fortunate to have Amy Lundy and Jennifer Rosser as educator leaders in our community.

THUMBS UP: N.C. Secretary of Commerce Sharon Decker

This week, N.C. Secretary of Commerce Sharon Decker was a guest speaker at the inaugural Women’s Exchange program hosted by the Sanford Business and Professional Women’s Organization.

The thumbs up for Sec. Decker is not for her work for the state nor a judgment on her politics, but rather it’s for the ideas she presented at this week’s program.

She wanted the women to leave the event with four ideas: Be open and true to yourself, regardless of what others think of you or believe. Be still and learn to say no to events, and stop “killing ourselves in business.” Be thankful for the gifts given to you, and be happy in yourself. And dance.

That’s sound advice for all.