LETTER: Everybody go and vote

Oct. 25, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

To the Editor:

The early voting season for the municipal election began last Thursday, and when my wife and I went to the poll on Friday, we were the 125th people to vote.

Showing up to vote only when you have presidential elections is one problem that lazy voters have created.

They aren't the solution to our political gridlock, but they are part of the problem. Every registered voter ought to consider it a civil duty to go to the polls even if they are able to vote for one person or one issue that is on the ballot.

The alternative is that you are allowing someone who disagrees with you to elect the person who will be making decisions affecting your life until the next election.

Straight-ticket [voting] was made illegal by the N.C. Republican legislature beginning in 2016, if the law survives a court challenge.

I have been voting since I first became eligible. Now, I'm close to 80, [and] I ran into a situation for the first time. The straight-ticket block ... is located at the bottom of the ballot on [an] instruction column on the left instead of over top of the list of candidates on the right.

Like ever other endeavor, voting and politics provides the individual the return that they put into it.

We have done our part, now everybody go and vote.

Robert O. Stone