LETTER: We need to take back our streets

Oct. 29, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

My name is David E. Pierce Sr., and I am tired.

I am tired of seeing the drug sales at the corner of Barnes and Goldsboro, or the corner of Rose and Goldsboro. I am tired of calling the police department and nothing being done about it. I am tired of all the trash on Goldsboro Avenue waiting for the trash men to pick up, and it sits there for months on end. I am tired of calling code enforcement on vacant houses on Goldsboro Avenue only to get excuses as to why nothing has been done. I am tired of seeing someone shot 40 feet from my back door and no one having the guts to turn someone in for it. I am tired of no one taking responsibility for anything that goes on around here.

When I heard the five gunshots near my back door, I ran to see what was going on. I saw about 60 to 70 young people ... watch a man bleeding to death. I then went and checked on my 14-year-old, who was sleeping and decided then that I was going to do something about this and write a letter to the editor because bullets do not care whether you are white, black, Hispanic or whatever.

We need to take back our streets from the hoodlums. I know that I will get threats from this, but you cannot scare me with heaven.

David E. Pierce Sr.