LETTER: What has Post done wrong?

Oct. 31, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

To The Editor:

The Lee County Republican Party has released an attack mailer against Chas Post, candidate for the at-large seat on the Sanford City Council, claiming he's a bad fit for the city council because he represented a client in court.

Instead of damaging Chas Post's credibility, the Republicans have damaged their own. What has Chas Post done wrong? The Bill of Rights, in this case the Sixth Amendment, protects everyone by ensuring we all have a right to a legal defense if we are charged with a crime. Without defense attorneys, we don't have a system of law.

In the case in question, Chas Post pled his client guilty, and the client received the maximum sentence. I guess the Lee County Republican Party forgot its constitutional law.

If Sanford supports Chas Post at the polls, I believe he will help move this city in a positive direction, and perhaps he could tutor the Lee County Republican Party on the Constitution as well.

J.H. Wells

Lee County