LETTER: Mailer was misleading

Oct. 31, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

Dear Editor:

The recent mailer paid for and sent by "Lee County Republican Party" concerning the tragic death of a child accidently struck and killed at a school bus crossing in Harnett County is misleading, ill-advised and vile.

It is misleading because even though it was concocted and paid for by "Lee County Republican Party," I don't believe it is representative of my Republican friends, neighbors and associates who reside in Lee County. My Republican friends and neighbors are not ... mean-spirited.

In fact, I have had numerous Republicans tell me they are voting for Chas Post for City Council because they can no longer stomach the classless tactics of the "Lee County Republican Party." The mailer, they say, is a good example of these tactics.

It is vile because it exploits the accidental death of a child in an attempt for political gain. It also attacks our system of justice, which protects everyone's liberty. Perhaps the ad's authors would prefer "stoning" the accused as opposed to trial by juries composed of citizens.

Thank you, members of "Lee County Republican Party" who conspired to send or condoned the mailer. Using a photo of the little boy killed in the accident in the mailer was especially heinous and dumb, delivering more votes to Chas Post, including many Republican and Independent voters repulsed by the ad.

It may have, however, gotten you something else. If the family of the little boy learns that you exploited his photo in a mailer for political gain, you may not like trial lawyers, but you may need one.

Chip Post


Editor's note: Post is the father of attorney and candidate Chas Post and a partner in the same law firm, Doster, Post, Silverman, Foushee & Post.