LETTER: Article left out key comments

Oct. 31, 2013 @ 04:58 AM

To the Editor:

In Wednesday’s Herald, one could easily be misled when reading, “Mass Mailer generates fervor,” and believe this blogger is responsible for the mailer concerning Sanford City Council candidate Chas Post and a case he tried. And that is so far from the truth!

Like all good reporters, key paragraphs and comments are left out.

I state emphatically that I had nothing to do with that mailer. It was a poor taste of judgment to send it out. And [its] the reason it cannot be located on [my blog] Fresh Brewed Conservatism. The GOP should have remembered how disgusting the attacks against Commissioner Womack in the 2012 primary were.

The article left out key comments in my post, as in right after The Herald quoted, “Seems he got this guy off with a light sentence,” they could have continued with, “Now I don’t know Mr. Fernando, and I don’t know the case as well as Mr. Post. I am just looking at what the Fayetteville Observer, Fox 8 News, etc wrote. “

But boy oh boy, they didn’t. That would mean … well, you fill in the blanks.

And this paragraph comes right after the one quoted in the paper with all the questions of who will Mr. Post really represent, “As for his opponent, Max Dolan, I don’t have to ask the questions above. He’s honest, trustworthy, and genuine. Mr. Post, I hope you are too.” In other words, Post has a chance to be one of the best city councilmen ever and outshine the others who blatantly ignore our concerns.

Mr. Post is a criminal defense lawyer. It’s his job to do such whether we think it’s ethical or not. He needs to pay his bills like the rest of us.

But in that same light, it is a citizen’s duty to know who they are voting for. I have a right to ask those questions and find out a candidate’s background, just as I would assume would happen to me if I ever really lost my mind and decided to run for office in this town.

Blog posts and links to other articles are on FBC and are for the reader to decide what to do. Make an informed decision. Too many people in this town are too closed-minded to see that.

My opinion on my blog is just that … my opinion.

Sheila Barber