LETTER: Thanks are in order to animal supporters

Nov. 07, 2013 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

We would like to thank all those that helped with the Carolina Animal Rescue and Adoption’s Haunted House this past Oct. 26-31. Most of you have seen the wonderful pictorial and writeup in The Sanford Herald. This front-page sensation brought a flurry of animal lovers to our home with cash, store gift cards and items from the CARA wish list and more. There was a bevy of eager scare victims and reluctant victims experiencing the haunted house spooks. Those that accepted candy were amazing, as there were few wrappers that did not go into the garbage bag. Adults and children were polite and courteous as they waited in line or helped others as they exited the home.

We wish to give special thanks to: 1. CARA’s volunteer fundraiser, Crystal Painter Stubits, who made contacts to advertise this event and found volunteers to scare and protect the children. 2. CARA’s volunteer animal trainer, Hayley Cochran, for being here every night to show Apollo the Dane/Lab and hand out candy. 3. Kim and Mike Roche for handing out candy and allowing their children McKenzie and Kayla, who frightened the candy out of many. 4. Brandon Herrera, who helped decorate, frightened and did many ghouls’ (including mine) makeup. 5. All the many other volunteers, those who donated money or supplies, our neighbors who allow the noise and spooks, the Sanford Police officers who drove by often, to The Sanford Herald for the wonderful front page spread to help the animals of Sanford and to everyone else, who

made this event such a success! Thank you all!

I am so proud to have lived in Sanford for five years with my husband, James. Sanford city — we are thankful to call this city of animal lovers our home.

Leatha and James Wood