LETTER: Best protection is a ban on fracking

Nov. 09, 2013 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

I was disappointed not to see a single article on the Oct. 25 Mining and Energy Committee hearing in any of the major news media, considering what a huge impact the regulatory decisions they are making about fracking will have on North Carolina’s future. I think the public needs to know what their decision makers are deciding.

The citizens of North Carolina don’t have to look far to find thousands of cases of groundwater contamination in nearby states where fracking has been allowed. Yet, James Womack, chairman of the commission, said at the hearing that there are no cases of groundwater contamination from fracking. I am astounded that the commission continues to go in this direction, especially given the recent Duke University study that showed high levels of radioactivity in fracked water. By allowing fracking, the commission will directly violate their mission, which is to develop a regulatory program that will, among other things, “protect and conserve the state’s air, water and other natural resources.”

The only way to adequately protect our clean water and open spaces is to pass a permanent ban on fracking, which I urge the Mining and Energy Commission to do.

Danny Fry