LETTER: Make your voice heard

Jun. 13, 2014 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

Fracking is an extremely controversial practice of hydro-drilling for natural gas, and a major threat to the environment and public health of our state. ...

The N.C. Legislature originally passed legislation to hold off all fracking legislation until environmental studies and recommendations were finalized. Then the fracking bills (based upon all evidence) were scheduled to come before the legislature in 2015.

Out of the blue, the “new” fast-track fracking bill #S786 was written and quickly passed by the N.C. legislature. This bill totally bypassed all public health and economic concerns for the citizens of Lee County (approved as site for fracking specifically) and throughout North Carolina. Fracking has been linked to contaminated ground water and many other serious ecological problems across the country, mainly due to the chemicals used in the drilling process.

Unfortunately the citizens of this state cannot research which chemicals are used in the hydro-drilling process. A new law was also passed in North Carolina that makes it illegal to disclose these chemicals. The future economic stability of our state and the survival of the unique ecosystems and habitat for all species found in our diverse areas (Mountains, Piedmont, Coastal) is now seriously in the balance.

Lee County’s representative, Mike Stone, promised to stand by the original law and hold off until all studies were finalized. I personally spoke to his assistant several days before the vote, and she assured me (several times) that Rep. Stone would not vote to pass bill S786. ...

As citizens of North Carolina, we have very little time to stand up against the oil and gas companies (backed by our governor, Speaker Tillis, and now Mike Stone). Our elected officials took an oath and accepted personal responsibility to protect the citizens, the environment, the ecological stability and the economy and future of North Carolina. Our governor and the legislative members of North Carolina have failed every single citizen of this beautiful state.

Please make your voice heard now and stand up for North Carolina and our future before it is too late. These laws do not serve anyone in our state, as we have nothing to gain and everything to lose. For more information, please visit: www.ncconservationnetwork.org or www.nccitizensagainstfracking.org .

Terry Hailey