LETTER: No such thing as Dix Park

Apr. 11, 2014 @ 04:57 AM

To the Editor:

Do not divide the land.

Land ho! What’s that I spy? Well, it looks like land Cap’n Ahab! What type of land? Is it a vineyard? No, it’s some type of colony. How it would make a beautiful park. I would love to have this land for a business park!

I know! We can round up the locals and ship them off, then bamboozle the citizens into thinking it’s for everyone’s own good. And I know what I will call it — Dix Park — and make them think it was their own brilliant idea!

Don’t be deceived. There is no such thing as Dix Park.

The land in question is the 300-plus acres entrusted to the capital of North Carolina (Raleigh) for the needs of her people. It’s their hospital. It already belongs to you.

The hospital and land was named for Dorthea Lynde Dix, who was a social advocate and activist for the people suffering from mental illness. She was a reformer and started hospitals for the healing and sanctuary of people suffering from mental illness. This property was named for Dix — not part of it, all of it.

Do not fall for the lies, deceit and schemes of greedy politicians and land-lusting developers who come to you subtly with clever crafted questions. ...

Let them care for the land they’ve already fallen in love with and reuse and recycle it; you are not the god of land (Job 38:3-7), who can give you the right to take one piece of their property? Man cannot.

You have failed to be trustworthy and govern the land according to its true purpose. You hope we have forgotten, that our children are too shallow and selfish to care. They are not. We have not forsaken the people who need this care. They may feel vulnerable and defenseless, but they are surrounded by peace, joy, hope and tenderness....

As we celebrate this season of resurrection of Jesus Christ our risen savior with grapes and unleavened bread, let us include in the spirit of unity Passover morning lemonade and moist cake for those who are battling for the land the Lord God Almighty hath promised them. In honor and agreement with Jehovah Jireh, my provider and the one who makes bitter experiences sweet experiences, God bless you and remember I Samuel 30:18.

Thelma Baker