LETTER: Good citizens deserve better

Apr. 12, 2014 @ 04:59 AM

To the Editor:

The Sanford Herald has done a great job providing articles that cover both side of the fracking issue. Letters to the editor have been published that both support and oppose fracking.

I personally believe that fracking is a huge threat to our water, our air and everything that defines our way of life. [State Sen. Ronald] Rabin, in his response to an article about recent ads and mailers, called them “propaganda.” He stated his mind could only be changed by fact, not emotional appeal. Here are the facts, Mr. Rabin, with emotional appeal.

As is true in many Lee County communities, the vast majority of Cumnock homeowners do not own their mineral rights. The owner of the mineral rights can choose to frack our property without our permission. Certainly our landowner rights have been violated. As good citizens of this county and state, we deserve better. We face the possibility that our community could be industrialized without our consent. We live in a rural area because we like it here. We have great pride in where we live. We are connected to this land, to our way of life and to each other. Yes, Mr. Rabin, that is emotional, and those are facts.

Debbie HallSFlbCumnock Community